Privacy Policy

TL;DR: does not collect any personal information beyond what is necessary to provide the service. We have no interest in tracking you or using your information for any other purpose.

Information collected

Location data

When you click the location button, we use the browser’s built-in API to query for your location. The accuracy of this location varies between browsers, but we truncate your latitude and longitude to four decimal places in your browser before sending it to our server to perform a reverse geocode request. Four decimal places is a resolution of about 36 ft. (11m). This level of accuracy helps us provide better results for your closest tide and water temperature stations, and to get a more accurate weather forecast.

When you search for a location, we use the exact coordinates returned from our data provider for that search query.

As part of requirements in the terms of service with our data providers, we may cache responses from those providers, which can include your location data. However, we do not keep any other data that would allow us to trace a location back to any specific individual.

Information shared

When you check the tides, your location information is sent to our data providers. Because the request is sent through our servers, our data providers do not have any way to trace information back to you. The data providers used in a specific request may vary depending on your location, the location you searched for, or other factors (we may rotate between providers to stay within limits). The specific data providers used with each request will be listed on the page.

We utilize Vercel as a hosting provider. They may collect some information in order to provide that service. Please see the Vercel privacy policy for details.

We will never share your information with or sell your information to any other third-party unless we are required to do so by law.

Do not track

Since we don’t track you, we currently do not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals.

Global Privacy Control supports Global Privacy Control (GPC), even though we will never sell your information regardless of your GPC signal.


If this policy is substantially updated (as in more than just grammar or spelling corrections), we will provide clear notice and an easy way to view exactly what has changed.

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